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Ranger UP

No other apparel company encompasses Doc’s philosophy more perfectly the the iconic veteran owned and operated Ranger Up. For that reason, Doc teamed up with them to launch the Doc Simpson Collection. Click on photo to check it out!

Strikeforce energy

Veteran owned, operator approved. Developed by a former Navy SEAL who wanted the edge of an energy drink without the side effects. Click the photo, and use the promotional code MOTW at checkout to save 20% on your purchase!

Freshly meal prep and delivery

You are what you eat. Doc strives to live a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t always have time to cook a healthy meal. For that reason, he trusts Freshly to do his meal prep. Delicious, wholesome, and filling! Click the link and live healthy the Freshly way!


First and foremost, Doc is a scientist. When he wants to optimize his performance, he turns to a supplement company with a proven track record that is grounded in health science. Onnit has been a trailblazer in the field of human optimization for years. Click the link and optimize your performance!